Essay on Health Issues Of The Lgbtq Community

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Health Issues of the LGBTQ Community
Society’s Role in Helping with Those Issues
Cali Spilker
HEDU 5300-002

Introduction The LGBTQ community has been around in the world for longer than most people know. Many might assume identifying as a gender other than male or female or having a sexuality other than heterosexual is a new thing, but it is in fact something that has been around for years. Native Americans had the ideology in their community and accepted it for years until European Christian values came to the country (Orgbon, 2012.) In Europe, itself, there was little effort to understand the LGBTQ community. One scientist that studied human sexual behavior, Sigmund Freud, didn’t consider homosexuality to be an illness as it was considered in Europe. However, the efforts of the scientists and doctors that tried to understand this sexuality were pushed back because of the belief systems (Morris, 2016.) In the article from the American Psychological Association, it mentions that efforts in The United States to understand the LGBTQ community through things such as advocacy groups didn’t occur until after World War II. Even then, during this time being homosexual or transsexual would have been difficult. After World War II came the baby boom which meant a growth in traditional family values. Meaning a man marries a woman and together they have many children. The woman stays home to watch the kids, clean the house, and feed the family while the man goes out to…

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