Health Issues In Afghanistan Essay

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Having one of the worst health situations in the world, Afghanistan faces immense suffering across their nation everyday. From hunger and disease, to infant mortality. Afghanistan faces great threat after decades of war, leading to the circumstances they are in today. With such a large population, it creates difficulties finding opportunities in life. Thus, creating significant dangers to health for the people. Afghanistan bears many massive dangers to health, including hunger due to poverty, spreading disease across the nation, and high numbers of infant mortality.
Hunger is one of the most significant danger to health across the world, especially Afghanistan. With almost one-third of Afghanistan's people food-insecure, they do not have the
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Afghanistan has not developed or made emergency medicine a speciality. This makes it difficult for the people in need to obtain the help they need. Only 30 percent of houses in Afghanistan outside the city have access to fresh drinking water. This is common way to catch waterborne diseases (“Acerra”). Due to an increasing number of drug users in Afghanistan, the people are becoming more likely of catching HIV/AIDS. Other common diseases are malaria and TB, which can be easily fixed with low cost strategies. This time the money isn’t the issue, instead it is the unwillingness for people to help out. Afghanistan’s health status is one of the worst in the world, their health situations is 4 times worse than neighboring countries (“Afghanistan: World Health Organization”). The disease in Afghanistan spreads not just to adults, but children as well, increasing the infant mortality rate.
A large issue in Afghanistan is infant mortality, having the highest ratio in this world. With a ratio of 115.08 deaths per 1000 live births (“Infant Mortality Rate”). Infant Mortality is mostly due to prematurity, with 34 percent of the infant deaths. Along with Intrapartum-related complications, being the second highest cause of infant deaths (“Afghanistan: World Health

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