Health Is Wealth Grandma 's Every Day Chant Essay

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Brown Bag
“Mom, why can’t I just get one of those colorful lunch bag like everybody else in my school?” my daughter argued.
Inconvincible, as I was running out of good reasons. I answered back to my daughter “Because this brown bag is very special.” Deep down my head, I was convince that perhaps the brown bags were out dated, cheap, and unquestionably out of fashion, but my countless memories behind it was worth any trendy, designer or expensive lunch bags everywhere.
Health is wealth—grandma’s every day chant. Each morning, Grandma Paulina’s mantra was preparing—homemade—breakfast. Growing up we keep guards to protect our health from getting sick, so skipping breakfast was forbidden and physical activities—like sports—was compulsory. Five days out of a week, my two other siblings and I often on a rush getting ready for school and barely had time for breakfast, but that was not excused for Grandma Paulina—not ones missed— she would hand over our individual brown bag—her famous “brown bag breakfast.” Without a reason, Grandma Paulina known as “GP” would wake up early in the morning to prepare our brown bag breakfast—like a daily ritual. Without her brown bag, the morning would feel like one. GP was the glue that holds my family together, she was the center of our life. Considerably, greatest proxy of my parents who constantly pre-occupied with work and often travels, so my siblings and I practically raised by her. Under no circumstances, GP never missed any of my ballet…

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