Health Is A Person 's Mental And Physical Condition Essay

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When health is mentioned, the first thing that people think of is the physical aspect of the health. The ontological side, which can be pin pointed exactly (cancer or a broken bone) and the physiological side which is considered an illness/virus. The physiological side of it is subjective and is experienced differently for each person. That’s how I view the phrase universal good... different for each person. So when you ask me is health a universal good it is a very broad topic with many different ways to be answered. This is because health is more than just the physical ailments and good can be interpreted in so many different ways. The medical dictionary states that,” health is a person’s mental and physical condition.” This means we have more than just the physical side to measure. However, we do not have a universal way of measuring the mental conditions of people so they get lost in translation. Metal health is just as important as physical health, yet it is never covered as much as the physical side. If you read the Constitution of the World Health Organizations, it touches on the mental aspect of health and talks about how health is more than disease or infirmity. That is a good thing to think about while reading, health is more than just the physical aspect. The Constitution of the World Health Organizations states that medical, physiological and related knowledge is essential to the fullest attainment of health (984), however, if we follow the utilitarianism…

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