Health Is A Health Related Web Application Essay

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“Health Analyzer” is a health related web application which performs various functions in one application which other application provides individually. The user can use this application for his/her fitness or for the health related activities.

Health Analyzer contains various main modules like Weight Manager, Body mass index Calculator, Calorie Tracker, My Dietitian, Blood Pressure. Every module performs different functions for the user. User can use according to him. The application also provides the functionality of generating Graphs for each module that two of both all the data and the data between two dates which the user wants. Graphs are generated based on web-services as well as the data present in the database. The application provides another feature of generating CSV. User can generate csv file of the data stored and directly mail to the recipient if he wants to mail it directly. The csv can be generated from the history shown in the application and it is of all the records present in the history.

List Of Table

Table No. Table Description Page No.
2.1 Data Dictionary for Login 36
2.2 Data Dictionary for Registration 37
2.3 Data Dictionary for Authentication 38
2.4 Data Dictionary for Weight Manager 38
2.5 Data Dictionary for BMI Calculator 39
2.6 Data Dictionary for BMI Master 40
2.7 Data Dictionary for Diet Assistance Profile 41
2.8 Data Dictionary for My Diet 42
2.9 Data Dictionary for Diet Plan 43
2.10 Data Dictionary for…

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