Health Insurance Vietnam : Issues Behind The Scene Essay

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Since 1961, health insurance (HI) has become a part of the social policies in Vietnam. In 2008, the HI laws were revised and approved for a better future of HI. In 2012, the government promotes an eight-year period (2012-2020) to foster the citizen participating in HI at 80% of the population in 2020. However, the citizen hesitates to participate in HI because of the unequal access to health care and treatment inadequacy toward the insured patients. This article will open some issues and suggest changes for the future of HI in Vietnam.
Medical Issues
Many patients and their families experience that they are treated as the second-class people with their HI. The hospital delays administration and treatment process toward the insured for many different reasons, such as HI policies restrict treatment equipments, methods, and medications. With the insured, health care services are poor and caring attitude of the medical personnel is apathetic. However, if the patients and their families begin to give a “tip” to the caregivers (doctors and nurses), their services amazingly improve with positive attitude and gentle concern. Therefore, when treating the insured, the hospital employees know that they are not going to get “anything extra” out of the insurance system unless the patients put extra money “tip” in the employees’ pockets. Money becomes an important part of the health care system, and it corruptibly leads medical care to…

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