Health Insurance Portability And Protection Act Essay

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Mr. Thathamkulam was an integral part in the space planning process in eye clinic and took initiative in making the plans to rearrange the staff rooms to make extra rooms for patient care. With the assistance of the IT team, space planning committee, and interior designing department, staffs were relocated among themselves, in order to accommodate more new staff to meet the growing patients’ care population and maintaining patient rights and
Health Insurance Portability and Protection Act (HIPPA) law as well. This change has made a big impact in reducing the wait time for patients, and increasing patient and staff satisfaction. He makes it his daily practice to ensure that all the staff follows the VHA, medical center and the clinic policy. He has informed all the staff including residents in the clinic not to discuss about patient health matters with the patient or to anyone else in the hall ways. Therefore the Eye Clinic, which Mr. Thathamkulam manages, does not have any violation of patient rights or HIPPA policy.

Mr. Thathamkulam has taken leadership in identifying ethical issues for the Telecare department to improve the delivery of care to patients and families. Mr. Thathamkulam has maintained privacy and confidentiality during assessments, thereby in protecting all paper and computer documentation. Mr. Thathamkulam advocate for the maintenance of patient confidentiality by keeping charts off the counter top in the Telecare unit, and ensure shredding papers in a…

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