Essay Health Information Technology For Healthcare

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The use of informatics in the healthcare setting has rapidly grown since 2009 when president Obama signed the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Informatics is in almost every health care setting in one form or another. Informatics is utilized in many different forms in healthcare settings today.

One major way informatics is utilized in healthcare settings today is by Electronic healthcare records. The majority of healthcare is utilizing Electronic healthcare records (EHR) today because of the federal mandate along with meaningful use incentive. If organizations do not meet the criteria of meaningful use by 2016, they may be subjected to financial penalties. Healthcare settings that currently utilize Electronic Medical Records are acute care settings, Long-term care settings as well as medical offices. Electronic Medical records are used in many different capacities in the healthcare settings. Obviously the primary use if EHR is for healthcare professional to document patient healthcare information. Other examples use of EHR in healthcare setting are Quality assurance, and the financial aspect of healthcare; billing and insurances.

Informatics has a huge impact of patient centered care, which is currently a major focus for the Centers of Medicaid and Medicare. Patient centered care is an imperative aspect of high-quality care. Healhcare informatics advances in technology has the…

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