Health Information On The Health Care Industry Essay

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Many years ago health information was not as tech savvy as it is today, and the information that was processed was probably not reliable. Health information is the documents associated to a patient’s medical history, which can include symptoms, prognosis, procedures and including medical results. Health information has a huge impact on the health care industry and people are using much of today’s technology to access medical data. Health care information has become a vast topic in the medical industry today. Healthcare managers use the technology that has been developed to code, charge and diagnose patients. In the health care sector there are many challenges that managers and physicians face daily with the information that is stored, collected and transferred electronically.
The significance of having access to accurate health information is to avoid misdiagnoses and unnecessary trips to the medical office which can be very costly to the patient. The purpose of health information is to deliver cost effective result to speed up the patient’s care and decrease the risk of medical errors which can improve the medical facility productivity. Much of today’s technology has increased significantly in the health care industry to document all of the patient’s information which make it easier for everyone.
Health Information is becoming gradually useful and implemented by hospitals and small clinics in the United States. The technology used may include electronic health…

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