Health Information Exchange Essay example

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TaNesha Hoskins
August 14, 2012
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Table of Contents

History of HIE
• What is HIE?
• What is Illinois HIE program?
The Challenge
• Why do we need HIE?
Benefits of HIE
• How does HIE work?
• Who set the standards for national health information program?
• What are the benefits to the patients, providers, insurance carriers, etc?
Privacy and Security
• How is patient data secured when exchanged through HIE?



A Health Information Exchange, or HIE, is technology that enables the electronic movement of health-related information among health care providers and others. HIEs are an
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The patients will also be pleased to hear that electronic sharing of their health information can directly benefit them by relieving many of the burdens they experience within the fragmented health care system, including continual filing of medical history forms, redundant tests that can be avoided because the provider can gain access to tests already ordered by other physicians, and the necessity to keep a running list of current and past medications and allergies (and the fear of forgetting record one). With ability to electronically share key health data, the patient can feel a little more confident that their pertinent medical information will be available in the event of an emergency. The HIE will be beneficial to physicians because it will be a one-stop shop for patient health information such as lab results, imaging reports, and emergency department visit discharge summaries. No more getting on several different portals or having to pick up the phone to hunt for information about a patient. When your patient says, "I remember having lab work done, but I can't be sure of when or where," you'll have easy access to that information.

Privacy and Security of HIE

One of the many positive attributes of electronic health information systems is the ability to share information with multiple stakeholders over large geographic areas. Continuing advances in information technology have encouraged and facilitated a robust business in Health

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