Essay about Health Inequalities Of Public Health

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The most important aims of protecting and promoting health were to make sure that they improve the health of the public and also to lower health inequalities within the UK. Government was the main reason why they introduced lots of official documents, reports and legislations in order to improve the health across the public. Since the government have introduces the white paper in 2004 which was Choosing Health: Making Healthy Choices Easier, there has been a lot of improvement across the public health as life expectancy has gone up over the last century, so which means that people are living longer due to lots of facilities around them. The government also looked at people who were at mostly at risk of ill health to reduce the current and future risks of health. (Stretch and Whitehouse 2007)
The government wanted to also reduce health inequalities to do so, the government brought action programmes and set targets and goals to see if they could improve health inequalities. One of the programmes that were set by the government which was the government’s Tackling Health Inequalities was suggested for a number of people amongst the disadvantaged groups. Some of the targets that the government set were, to reduce smoking between social groups, to improve housing conditions for people who lived in deprived areas and support teenagers through their pregnancy. The targets that were set in the Tacking health Inequalities were not met. Now there are a risen percentage of deaths that…

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