Health Impact Assessment On The Health And Wellbeing Of The Target Population ( Western Australia Department Of Health

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) (2016) defines Health Impact Assessment (HIA) as “Assessment of the change in health risk reasonably attributable to a project, programme or policy and undertaken for a specific purpose”. Health impact assessments identifies both negative and positive impact a proposed intervention will have on the health and wellbeing of the target population (Western Australia Department of Health (WADH 2011). This happens during the planning stages of the proposed intervention and helps influence the decision making process in regards to whether the plan is feasible or not (WADH 2011). Health impact assessments involve stakeholder consultation whereby, stakeholders can give their views on how the proposed intervention will impact their health and suggest amendments to the plan to suit their needs (Davis 2014). Additionally HIA stakeholder consultation can help identify the marginalised groups and take into account their culture and beliefs when planning and implementing the intervention (WADH 2011). Conducting a HIA before or during the planning phase of the intervention helps to save resources since potential risks are identified before the implementation of the plan therefore the intervention can either be amended or stopped before it is launched therefore avoiding loss of funds if the intervention is not successful or feasible (Davis 2014).

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