Health Effects of Computer Use Essay

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Health Effects of Computer Use
Over the years, there has been a large increase in the use of computers as the world is evolving. In my study, the objective is to emphasize on the health effects of computer use in working environments and domestic homes. The speed and effectiveness of computers has made a good number organization and businesses depend on the equipment. When the computer was first introduced it was mostly used by adults. In the present day, there have been an increasing number of children using the computer for leisure and education purpose. There have been fears of the use of computer for long periods of time which may cause severe health problems to an individual. The level of discomfort it causes as
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The remedy to treating CTS is conservatively with rest, warm compresses, wrist splints (worn mainly at night), anti- inflammatory medications, and sometimes steroid injections; however, if the symptoms are worsening, it would be advisable to have a surgical carpal ligament release procedure (Doctor Smith). Every individual feels pain from the neck, to the shoulder, and all the way down to the back of the body. This neck and shoulder problems can occur from improper placement of the computer monitor, mouse or document an individual his working from (NYSUT). However, if the above items are not properly positioned, this can strain the muscles in the neck and shoulder causing the head and arms to be in an uncomfortable position. The use of phone while typing on the keyboard can also add to the problem of computer use which is dangerous to the health. There are different ways of reducing the risk of having back, neck and shoulder problems such as; ensuring the line of vision hits the top of the monitor, the mouse should be next to the keyboard at the same height, and a document holder should be used to make sure paperwork is at the same distance, angle and height as the monitor (NYSUT). The computer should be set up in a straight line manner which will prevent the individual from turning and twisting the back. It is advisable to get a suitable chair that supports the lower back or lumbar can prevent back pain; however if

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