Essay on Health Education in Schools

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Health Education in Schools
By Paul Favors, eHow Contributor
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Health education is the formal inclusion of the principles of wellness in the curriculum of a particular educational institution. Among the concepts taught to students are information on illness and their prevention, substance abuse and sexual relations. The ultimate purpose of health education is to allow students to have an understanding of their bodies and develop beliefs related to health.
Health education is formally included in the curriculum of some schools. A comprehensive program includes teachings that range from emotional to physical health. Self-esteem and the functions of the human body are also discussed. While the
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Once this understanding takes place, the students are equipped with the skills needed to relate what they learn in the classroom to other issues they may have.
Health education is often complemented by other campaigns throughout the year. What is learned in the classroom becomes more effective if they are reinforced by other events initiated by the school to increase knowledge in this area. Consistency is the key in getting the message across to the entire student body. For example, the curriculum is often accompanied by school-wide campaigns throughout the year. Thus, an effective health education program is one that is done with a broader coverage than those found in the lesson plans.
Social Effects
The inclusion of health education in schools has been used as a strategy to provide necessary information to lower-income brackets. As a result, disadvantaged children are given the opportunity to learn about a perennial problem: poor health. The theory behind this practice is that these children are the ones who will benefit the most from these programs and thus display improvements in attendance and academic achievement. In the long run, it is hoped that health education in institutions will alter existing disparities between socioeconomic structures.

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