Essay on Health Concern Among Aboriginal People With Diabetes

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There are about 75,000 Saskatchewan people living with diabetes and this number will increase by 2020 with a subsequent increase in the economic burden of diabetes in Saskatchewan (Provincial Auditor Saskatchewan 2012). Diabetes occurs in all populations however, certain populations have higher rates of incidence and prevalence of diabetes than others such as, Aboriginal populations (Harris et al. 2013). Diabetes is now a leading cause of mortality, morbidity and severe disabilities among Aboriginal people (Dyck et al. 2010) thus, it is a significant health concern among Aboriginal peoples in Canada with prevalence rates higher than in the general Canadian population with an earlier age of diabetes onset (Canadian Diabetes Association 2011). Figure 1: Age-standardized diabetes prevalence by ethnic background and sex in Saskatchewan (Dyck et al. 2010)
Diabetes occurs more in First Nations women than men, especially during the reproductive years 20-49 (Dyck et al. 2010). Also, the prevalence of diabetes is slightly higher female in the 30- 34 years age group (Saskatchewan Ministry of Health 2013). Aboriginal women are particularly prone to develop type 2 diabetes with more than four times the rate of non–Aboriginal women due to the higher rates of overweight and obesity as well as the high rates of gestational diabetes. Although gestational diabetes mellitus it usually resolves following birth, it is a risk factor for both mother and child to develop type 2 diabetes in…

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