Essay on health communication

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Unit 1: Communication skills for working in the health sector
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Section 1: Understand how to communicate with a range
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So, the health visitor has to comply with these essentials key points and overcome the hearing impairment and environmental barriers.
She has to explain clearly her concerns using visual and verbal communication through body language and facial expression. The health visitor must switch off the TV and look for adaptive equipment such as hearing aids, if they work properly.

Scenario 3: A patient confronts a receptionist as they have waited over an hour to be seen by the doctor. As a result, the patient is now late in returning to work and may receive a warning from their employer because they have been late several times recently.

The patient and the receptionist must overcome the barriers between them. The receptionist must be very calm and try to empathy the patient. A smile is always welcome when you are stress and make you feel comfortable. The receptionist must be prepared to offer active listening and,by using eye contact appropriately showing that he understand the patient's situation, could establish their communication way.

Section 3: Understand how to maintain accurate and complete records

1. Explain how to report and record the following work activities in relation to patients/service users or customers. Add one more example of your own to the table.

Work activity

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