Health Care Utilization And The Financial Impact On Our Economy

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Racial Disparities in Health Care Utilization and the Financial Impact on our Economy In a world where many claim to be wholly open minded and accepting, racial disparities in the world of health care are a factual and prevalent matter. This is especially true when it comes to access to and utilization of health insurance. These inequalities can be seen throughout the health care system and have a major impact on the future of our country’s health and well-being. This matter is of grave importance as the racial and ethnic minority group population of the United States will increase to nearly 40% by 2030 (Copeland, 2005).
Literature and Data Review Before we can even delve into the inequalities in insured versus uninsured, we first must address the availability of health care in general. Although we anecdotally see an improving job market, Moonesinghe, Chang and Truman (2013) still notes the unemployment rate from 2008 to 2009 had still risen from 5.8% to 9.3%. Without jobs, many people simply do not have access to affordable health care. Losing or changing jobs also are a driving factor behind gaps in health care coverage (Moonesinghe, et al. 2013). The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) reports that from 2002-2009 (for people under the age of 65), there is a decline from 15.5% to 13.4% of those uninsured all year long. Reported as of 2010, according to Moonesinghe, et al. (2013) stated that the highest race/ethnicity without health insurance was the…

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