Essay about Health Care : The United States

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Health Care The Vietnamese American community is increasing at a rapid speed within the United States. The community arrived to the United States with high expectation for a better life but the achievement of that requires financial stability. A major issue that many Americans are experiencing is the ability to afford healthcare. Many healthcare provider are initiated through a person’s employer, others receive public assistance and the remaining do not have healthcare. The United States has credited a policy that will allow the citizens in need to afford healthcare. Healthcare services within the United States has become more accessible to the citizens through new policies recently implemented for people who cannot afford healthcare or qualify for government assistance. The public healthcare services are based upon the income which will determine their accessibility to healthcare. The Vietnamese American community is a community that has been known to neglect their health due to their determination to provide a better life for their families. According to Chang and Chang (2015), the Vietnamese American community access ad utilization of health care is determined on their neighborhood concordance. The community in the higher concordance neighborhood are more like to access healthcare than the lower concordance neighborhood (p.66). The Vietnamese American community are experiencing the same dilemmas as the American citizens where the accessibility to health care is based…

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