Health Care Teams Essay

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1) Health Assisting
-Health Care Team
Health Care Team A health care team is all of the people who provide care and services to patients. Every employee at a health care facility is a member of a health care team. Some members of the team, such as nurses and therapists, work directly with patients. Other members, like billing officers and maintenance staff, have very little contact with patients. The health care team also includes a patient's family and caregivers. Each member of a health care team has an important role. All members of the team must work as a cohesive unit to provide the best possible health care to patients.

Health Services Pathways There are many careers in health care. Each career is categorized into one
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They perform routine tests that do not require advanced training. •Medical laboratory assistants, who work under medical laboratory technicians, technologists, or pathologists. They perform basic tests, prepare specimens for testing, and maintain equipment. •Phlebotomists collect blood from patients and prepare it for testing. •Electrocardiograph technicians operate electrocardiogram (ECG) machines that record electrical impulses from the heart. •Radiologic technologists work under physicians called radiologists. They take X-rays, operate ultrasound equipment and magnetic resonance imaging devices.

Therapeutic Team Members Therapeutic careers involve improving the health status of patients over time. •Audiologists diagnose and treat patients with hearing and balance problems. •Speech-language pathologists diagnose and treat patients with speech, language, and swallowing problems. •Physical therapists improve the mobility of patients following injuries and illnesses. Physical therapy assistants work under physical therapists. They help carry out treatments. •Occupational therapists help patients with physical, mental, and emotional problems to correct or adjust to their problems. They use activities to assist patients in daily living and job skills. Occupational therapy assistants work under occupational therapists. They help carry out treatments.

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