Health Care Systems Of The United Kingdom, Sweden, And Switzerland

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With the passing of “Obamacare” or the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010 a pivotal step was made towards gaining universal health care in the United States (PH book p 439). This paper compares and contrasts the health care systems of the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Switzerland, all of whom implement universal health care, and the United States, which lacks health care for all. Also discussed is the importance of equity in achieving better health care outcomes. Outlined are a few of the many components of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or the PPACA, all of which aim to increase the amount of American 's with health insurance. Lastly, I share a my personal experience with purchasing health insurance under the PPACA. The PPACA brings the U.S. a little closer to other industrialized countries who have widely implemented universal health care as a basic human right.

The private U.S. foundation, the Commonwealth Fund, released a report in 2014 called Mirror, Mirror using their own findings from international patient and provider surveys, also utilizing reports from The World Health Organization, and the Economic Cooperation and Development. Their report outlines 6 dimensions of health care, access, quality, efficiency, equity, healthy lives, and health expenditures. These dimensions sometimes overlap and affect each other in different ways. An easy way to describe them is with relation to the U.S., the country with the lowest overall ranking of…

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