Health Care Spending Essay

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Health Care Spending Paper

Milagros Garcia


November 2nd, 2011

Professor Larry Gonzales

Health Care Spending

Early in history physicians cared for patients and charged them at a reasonable rate for the goods and services provided to him or her for illnesses. Today in society health care organizations are working side-by-side with third parties, which are insurance companies, to receive payments for treating individuals when he or she become ill or are in need of serious medical attention, such as surgery procedures. Employers offer health benefits to the employees, which he or she can also add family members to his or her insurance policy to be treated and seen for health care services. The price for health care
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National Health Care Expenditures

Hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities that provide medical attention are starting to remodel their facility to make it look clean and high-tech facility to reel in patients. No individual will want to go into a dirty and outdated facility to receive medical services because he or she is afraid of not obtaining the quality of care he or she wants and needs. The important needs of patients in providing affordable health insurance has become the issue as a result of high expenditures that health care facilities make throughout the year. According to the article by K. Davis, C. Schoen, S. Guterman, T. Shih, S. C. Schoenbaum, and I. Weinbaum, “Slowing the Growth of U.S. Health Care Expenditures: What Are the Options?” states that “U.S. health care expenditures have risen rapidly in the last six years, imposing increasing stress on families, businesses, and public budgets” (para 2). Individuals need health care and if these expenditures are on the rise employers and insurance companies must come together to find strategies that will find a solution to this problem.

Health Care Spending

Spending health care cost is split between program administration, home health, nursing home care, dental, pharmaceutical drugs, and hospital care at the highest of 31% health

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