Essay Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity

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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity
Kris Pearson
Grand Canyon University
HLT 302
February 12, 2011

Different religious groups have different believe system in the provision of the healthcare. The health personnel such as doctors and nurses should be aware of the religious beliefs of their patients for effectively delivering medical care. In provision of medical care, religious faith and beliefs of the patient is incorporated with the scientific medical care in offering a holistic medical to the patients. The medical personnel should take into the consideration the religious belief of the patient in the course of offering medical care to the patient. The
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Prayers for instance are critical for the Christians in healing. Christians believe that when they engage in praying, some natural forces would guarantee their healing. Thus prayers create confidence in Christians thus they pain become bearable. Meditation and yoga is important for the patient who professes Buddhism faith. The yoga ad meditation makes the patient believe that they can control the present and the future. The confidence created in patient practicing yoga and meditation makes the pain bearable and also makes the process of healing attainable. The medical personnel who profess different faith from what their patient professes should be conscious with the faith of their patient in offering medical care. To offer holistic care, the medical professionals need to understand the diversity of their patients that they are offering medical care. The medical professionals should have an open mind to take into consideration the faith of their patients in providing medical care. The medical professionals should be in a position to comprise with his faith and embrace the faith of his patients. As it was discussed there earlier, the medical care involves taking care of all aspect of the person and not only physical aspect but emotional, spiritual and beliefs of the person. According to the research conducted, the faith of the patient plays a part in his healing. Meditation, for instance a religious practice in some religions

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