Health Care Professionals Essay

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Health Care Professionals
Strayer University
HSA 500 Health Services Organization
Mr. David Tataw
August 21, 2011

In spite of the increase in the number of physicians over the last four decade, it has been determined that there is a shortage of physicians within the United States; facts supporting this theory will be explored. The shortage within the medical industries is not only apparent among the physicians; it is evident in the nursing field. Identification of the factors contributing to the shortage within both industries will be discussed. The physicians and nursing staff are instrumental in providing health care to the public. Public health care professionals and health service administrators fulfill essential
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This lifestyle would include weekends off, limit on the number of hours worked weekly, and other amenities that would require time away from work. This lifestyle preference would have an impact on the number of required physicians. These preferences will reduce the amount of time available for patient care. This reduction in availability would put more demand on the required supply of physicians. The low physicians to patient ratio is an indicator of the shortage of physicians. “In the year 2000, the portion of first-year medical students who were women reached parity with men”(Williams, & Torrens, 2010, p. 270). This shift in demographics impacted the required physicians needed to provide health care. Women typically take more time away from work because of their responsibility as caregiver to their family. This time away from the practice may emphasize the need for more physicians to compensate for absentee physicians. The unusual growth in population would point to the fact that there are more people requiring health care than physicians available to provide the service. The immigration population has impacted the population within the United States. The increase in population has amplified the need to have more available physicians. This population trend is picking up its momentum and putting pressure on the need for more physicians. The population growth is winning the race against available

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