Health Care Policy Changes During The United States Essays

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Health care policy changes have played a massive role in the United States for nearly a decade, from the 1930s New Deal programs to the creation of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965. The most recent legislation called for a national reform to health insurance; however, where Medicare was included in the initial reform, Medicaid relies on individual states to expand their programs. With the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, no discrimination against individuals with preexisting conditions has allowed many uninsured to become eligible for subsidized insurance or Medicaid; especially people living with HIV and AIDS. According to Rushefsky, “There are four generic goals that are the focus of health care policy: security, equity, efficiency, and welfare (179).” Security deals with the assurance of basic health needs and the ability to be taken care of when issues arise. Equity relates to access, which means the ability to have health and financial assistance when necessary to pay for services. Financial access issues have been addressed through time with the assistance of Blue Cross and Blue Shield and other public and private insurance companies. The third goal that Rushefsky discusses is the goal for efficiency. This goal “refers to getting the most out of something (Rushefsky 180),” but the conflict between the first two goals and efficiency has been great with rising health care costs and growing government expenditures. The last goal discussed by Rushefsky is welfare.…

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