Health Care Policies Are Not Fair Essay

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There are so many issues occurring in the world today, but one major problem right now is health care. There are so many health care policies internationally that people don 't understand the struggles of others. Some may ask themselves, how do global health policies differ? The problem with health care policies is that there are multiple ones around the world. There are many differences for example, in the U.S. in order to receive care at a hospital you need to have your insurance card and social security card, as for other counties or states you might not need all this paperwork. In other states health care policies are not fair or just well constructed. This all depends if your country is poor and has enough resources to have a good health care plan. This issue is very important to talk about because many people do not have the same opportunities as other people. They suffer because their health care is poor and they do the best they can to help them but sometimes there 's nothing they can do about it. I think that it is important for others to learn the different policies world wide so they know what is going on and the differences that make a change.
In the United states many people stay without healthcare every year because they cannot afford it for their family or they don 't qualify for help. According to 33 Million Americans Still Don’t Have Health Insurance by Anna Maria Barry-Jester it states, “Nearly 9 million people gained insurance last year, a win for…

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