Essay about Health Care Organizations : Risk Management Programs

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Health care organizations are extremely thorough when it comes to the risk management program. Because there is much vulnerability for the spread of infectious diseases within a health care facility, the risk management team have to pay close attention and develop many strategies toward the prevention of this risk. Alliance Health Center (AHC) maintains full awareness of the risks within its facility; therefore, through careful research and interview sessions with some of the health care providers at AHC, identifying the challenges faced with controlling infectious diseases, developing risk management strategies used in the infection control program, and monitoring and maintaining the risk management program are critical for this organization.
Challenges in Controlling Infectious Diseases
Being faced with challenges in controlling infectious diseases within health care organizations becomes overwhelming. “Infection hazards are naturally concentrated in healthcare institutions” (Allen & Augenbraun, 2014, p. 347). However, knowing the possibilities of being faced with such challenges helps Alliance identifies, observes, and implements the proper policies and procedures in preventing infectious diseases among the patients and staff.
What are some challenges that Alliance face in controlling infectious diseases? Well, Alliance Doctor of Osteopathy, John Mutziger, states that by Alliance being a psychiatric hospital, they are not as observant as a regular general hospital may be…

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