Essay about Health Care Organizations : Jean Watson 's Caring Theory

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It is important that health care organizations implement Jean Watson’s caring theory for several reasons. The theory focuses on how caring improves health and wellbeing not only for the patient, but also for the nurse, so that they will be satisfied with themselves as health care providers. Organizations who use this theory report greater employee satisfaction and better co-worker relationships (Jean Watson’s Caring Theory, n.d.).
Caring theory can best be applied in the oncology setting. Oncology nursing is a unique field of expert nurses where patients are usually at their most vulnerable, physically and psychologically. Not only does an oncology nurse need to know how to take care of the patient’s body, but they also need to know how to treat the patient 's mind, and take care of the emotional needs of the family. The oncology nurse can use the 10 Caritas to improve his or her own well-being so that he/she is better equipped to provide high quality care. Implementation of this theory will improve nurse satisfaction and improve patient outcomes (Jean Watson’s Caring Theory, n.d.)
Jean Watson developed the ten Caritas to guide nurses in their practice. Caritas, which means to cherish or appreciate and give special attention, is a way for nurses to care for their patients and interact with their colleagues. The ten Caritas can be applied in multiple health care settings, such as, education, bedside care, research, and administration (Caruso, Cisar, & Pipe, 2008).

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