Essay about Health Care Organization Assessment And Analysis Of Quality

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Health Care Organization Assessment and Analysis of Quality Introduction

The IOM 's definition of high-quality care-care that is safe, effective, patient-

centered, and timely efficient and equitable. The institute recommended addressing quality

improvements at four levels: that of the patient; health-delivery "microsystems," such as a

surgical team or acute-care unit; organizations that house such microsystems, such as hospitals

and health systems; and the regulatory and financial environment in which those organizations

operate. ("Improving Quality and Safety," 2011). Technology, specifically electronic health

records and interoperability, has a significant influence on the delivery of health care services in

the United States. According to IOM (2003) a fully developed EHR system includes four

essential components: 1) collection and storage of health information on individual patients over

time: 2) immediate electronic access to person –and population-level information by authorized

users:3) availability of knowledge and decision support that enhances the quality, safety and

efficiency of patient care: and 4) support of efficient processes for health care delivery. (Shi &

Singh, 2015). The purpose of this paper is to describe the implementation of Electronic health

record (EHR) has a significant advancement within our healthcare system.…

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