Health Care Of The United States Essay

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Health Care in The United States

Today in health care, it seems as though people are given treatments depending on their social and economic class in society. Social class is defined as a system of stratification based on access to such resources as wealth, property, power, and prestige. For example, If you are a male with an income of around 70,000 a year with full benefits you will probably have a personal doctor and if needed, you could afford a trip to the hospital. If you are struggling to pay bills each week and have no health insurance you may not have a doctor you can see regularly and may not be able to afford going to a general hospital. Health care is very expensive. Many hospitals and doctors will not accept patients without insurance. Lower class people, who generally will have worse health than upper class, have to find hospitals who are willing to help them knowing they will need help paying. Conflict theory would best explain how health care is received in the United States.

Conflict theory is a Marxist-based social theory which argues that individuals and groups, such as social classes, within society have differing amounts of material and nonmaterial resources. Lower class people generally have less resources allowing them to receive medical help. In the movie, “The Waiting Room” many people who had no insurance and low income were shown. This public safety net hospital was overloaded with patients with a variety of problems. The people seen…

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