Health Care Is A Crisis Essay example

1861 Words Jan 22nd, 2016 8 Pages
Global health care is a crisis that continues to affect lives of many people of all ages. Americans are very fortunate to have well-developed health care provision. However, some developing countries, like countries in Africa, are not so fortunate. They do not have access to health centers, good nutrition, and for some, any shelter. Imagine a life without heath care. Many people will suffer with no cure to diseases and no preventative medications, as well as immunizations. Not only is the lack of medical attention a crisis but also inhibits environmental factors. Therefore a concerning question is, why is there a health care crisis? Health care is limited in some countries due to the lack of available medicinal processes, sanitary conditions, and the shortage of qualified providers. Quality in healthcare is something that is fading over time, even in America. People begin to get caught up more in the technology then what matters like quality within a provider. That is why it is important to find and develop ways to allow health care grow into a well-developed service. By achieving, improving, and maintaining processes, it will help hospitals all around the world achieve the hospitals highest goals and maintain the good that is already occurring in the hospital. Quality is important when it comes to obtaining a good healthcare service. In the process of complex quality, each participant has a particular knowledge, skills, and abilities (Olkiewicz & Bober, 2015, p. 47).…

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