Health Care Interview Essay

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Catherine Nochefranca
HCB 235_Week 4 Health Care Interview Paper
February 18, 2013

There are many different professions that one can choose when entering the healthcare field. Nursing is a very popular and needed profession that is vital to care for patients. For this paper I have chosen to interview my younger cousin who currently works for the VA Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada as a Registered Nurse in the Medical Surgical Unit. I will describe the targeted facility and unit she works for, the type of work done within her unit, any interesting, informative, or specific information related to the chosen unit which makes it unique, and a comprehensive description of my cousin, and her responsibilities. The facility that my
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Other tasks include preparing equipment, aiding physician during examination and treatment of patient, and participation in discharge planning. All the tasks that she is required to accomplish on a daily basis require that she utilizes time management skills, attention to details, and accurately record all care information concisely and completely in an efficient manner. A very important trait that she must possess is to be adaptable, and have the ability to perform other duties as assigned. Some interesting, informative, or specific information related to this department that makes it unique are that they cater to the veteran population and an age group that ranges from 50s-90s. She states that working for the VA Hospital she must understand what the veteran have gone through and understand where they are coming from. For instance, she needs to be sensitive to the facts that some of these veterans may suffer from post-traumatic syndrome disorder from war or other causes that may cause them extra stress or anxiety from being cared for in the Medical Surgical Unit. This requires that my cousin needs to not only have the professional skills that she learned in school, but also requires on sense of compassion that cannot being taught, but comes from within.

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