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Today I will be conducting an interview in the emergency department of a hospital. Emergency departments are different but most are the same. The one where I live operates 24 hours a day. The thing I find the best about them is they take any patient no matter race or problem or money. They can see someone with a toothache to a gunshot wound. The doctors are usually working long hours and they bounce from hospital to hospital. Patients are treated due to the severity of their illness. I found out that my local department is equipped with state of the art technology and all there equipment is led to a central unit. I find this department to be
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If anyone is looking to join an emergency room I would recommend researching it and see what conditions the workers deal with. For example what hour’s regular workers work compared to on call doctors? Most emergency rooms operate the same. Some are equipped to treat minor problems in the main room without ever having to see a doctor. Others have to wait to be seen and that can be a very long process. Riding an ambulance is like working in an emergency room. Paramedics usually know what to expect by a phone call though. But even then they have to expect anything when they get on the scene. The best thing overall of being an emergency room worker is helping people. Helping sick children is another great thing. No one wants to see anyone sick or hurt and when it comes to kids it’s just terrible. I found this out once when going to a children’s hospital. I watched a mother pushing her older child in and feeding her with a bottle. She was in tears and on the inside I was too. If I was working there at the time I would have done anything she asked me to. I learned right then that my goal in life is to help people and regardless of their race and money when a person is sick they need the same help as the next person. I see emergency workers only getting better. The United States is trying to come up with a plan so that everyone will have insurance. This means that emergency rooms will

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