Health Care Focused On The Preventing And Treating Diseases Essay

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Previously, health care focused on the preventing and treating diseases. However, the older population needs are not limited to maintaining good physical and mental health but also include the promotion of independence and society participation (Hoogerduijn, Grobbee, & Schuurmans, 2014). “Ageing comprise of decline in muscle strength and aerobic capacity, diminished pulmonary ventilation, and a diminished quality of senses and skin integrity. These changes increase the susceptibility to illnesses and hospitalization and could initiate a cascade of events and complications that could finally result in a diminished quality of life and increased dependency (Hoogerduijn et al., 2014). 30–60% of the older hospitalized patients experienced functional decline which, result in decreased independence and other adverse health outcomes (Hoogerduijn et al., 2014).
The nurse’s ability to perform strategies that prevent functional decline in hospitalize older adult is a phenomena of great importance. Nurses can prevent functional decline in hospitalize older adult by assessing their risk for functional decline during the initial admission assessment and establishing a prevention care plan. The initial admission assessment should include questions about physical and cognitive function (Hoogerduijn et al., 2014). The purpose of this paper is to reflect on my experience providing treatment for an older adult.
Description of Clinical Issue
On the fourth week of preceptor, one of the…

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