Health Care Delivery, Technology, And Financing Are Placing Unprecedented Pressure On Schools

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Changes in health care delivery, technology, and financing are placing unprecedented pressure on schools to graduate better prepared students. Additional forces, such as the slow-growing U.S. economy, rising costs of college and the corresponding rise in student loan indebtedness, increasing income inequality, a dissatisfied electorate, domestic and international incidents of terrorism, growing racial tensions, demands for social justice, and continued political instability and conflicts both here and abroad are a constant presence in our lives. Exponential advances in science and technology offer great promise to treat disease and prolong life, feed the world 's population, and advance business innovation and productivity, but these are complicated by the moral and ethical dilemmas they create and their impact on the human condition. Our inability to control health care costs or make progress in addressing disparities in health care access and outcomes threaten to consume an ever greater share of the nation 's resources. Further, unprecedented challenges to faculty rights and responsibilities from elected officials and their appointees, and their growing interference in academic governance, have contributed to a climate of distrust and fear on college campuses and upended long-cherished ideals of academic freedom, faculty autonomy, and job security.

In the midst of this swirl of almost unparalleled complexity and magnitude, nurse educators across the United States and the…

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