Essay on Health Care Center for the Homeless: Changing with the Times

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Case Study
Health Care center for the Homeless: Changing with the times

Part I: Case Analysis A. size up the key problems/opportunities raised by the case Just as one bad apple can ruin the whole basket, an organization with one large problem can see the effects of that problem damage its entire organizational strategy. In the case of Health Care for the Homeless (HCCH), the lack of a strong marketing direction is what hinders this organizations ability to meet their organizational goals. The first problem can be summarized as a need for brand orientation. By definition, brand orientation puts the image and value of the brand at the core of all activity in order to affect more positive and effective outcomes. Currently, the
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The last suggested alternative is to simply rebrand as a whole; maintaining the patient scope, change the name from HCCH to a more inclusive title as: Orange Blossom health centre, and create an appropriate logo and theme for all centres. These strategic alternatives are made on the basis of three criterions: HCCH’s current need to increase funding, confusion of what HCCH does in the community and who they serve along with a weak presence and brand recognition in the Not-for-profit world.

C. Propose a specific course of action for the decision maker Kotter’s eight step change plan begins with establishing a sense of urgency, and segmentation by needs. The CEO of HCCH, Bakari Burns, needs to communicate that the time to rebrand is now. This urgency is due to the current economical situation of an increase in the underinsured and uninsured, and the decrease in donors with disposable income; referred to in the case as “the perfect storm”. Burns can amplify this urgency by holding an event announcing HCCH’s decision to rebrand. This creates a second time constraint to solidify and communicate the change to stakeholders. The board of directors must have a clear and united vision by the announcement event. Following urgency is the creation of a guiding coalition with enough power to execute the change. It is important to include members

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