Health Care At The United States Essay

1582 Words Jan 9th, 2016 7 Pages
Loretha Cooks
Professor Kalman Andrassy
Economics 2
07 January 2016

Health Care in the United States Every country depends on the people of its citizens to contribute toward society goals. In order for people to reach these goals they would need to healthy. The United States seem to understand these basic needs because health care costs have soared due to rising expenses. Health care spending is rising throughout the world as people continue to spend on their health. Rising administration costs and increase in the price of prescription drugs has increased and, therefore, has yielded very few benefits in improvement in care. Rising costs and deny Americans access to health care even while business and governments battle with rising health care cost that have to squeezes resources that are available for other purposes. Health care is different from other goods and services the outcome of care is uncertain, large parts of the industry are dominated by non-profit providers, and payments are made by third parties such as the government and private insurers. Government should be entrusted with health care because it would not exist as we know it without the presence of an active government that creates and maintain the rules and conditions that allow it to operate efficiently. Medicare is a Federal tax-subsidy program that provides health insurance for millions of people in the United States. The Federal government pays 50-85 percent of the cost of the program…

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