Health Care At The Healthcare Arena Essay

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Ethical dilemmas always seem to be shrouded when it comes to the Healthcare arena. There should be concern in rural areas which lacks a standard of healthcare. Society’s health is sometimes at the mercy of the local governing body when it comes down to care being provided. Many rural areas that deliver health care are challenged by the people who have little money and the people who have nothing. Those very same people we ask them to make choices. Many times leaving them to make hard and fast choices about their health or the only meal of the day, whether to eat a meal or pay for their medication, neither of which are always favorable. Health care today has caused a dilemma in itself, by placing high standards for quality care, demanding privacy of health care and demanding that patients are medically competent. Yet, there are people with cancer and other illness that suffer in silence as we seek to set a standard of practice. What is wrong with this picture?
Quality Care and standard of practice becomes an unwarranted issue in rural areas where people suffer in silence due to substandard health care delivery, the lack of proper health care and the lack of access to the proper facilities. In reviewing the ethical issues and how it obstructs health care in rural communities, stakeholders and physicians have sort ways in which to provide a Cancer Outreach Program for people in need. The hospital has been able to provide care to people who were unable to afford health…

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