Health Care At An Emergency Room Essay

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When an illness or injury appear out of nowhere, you would usually go to an emergency room, but no one is being helped fast enough at an emergency room, so instead, people have turned to one of the fastest-growing segments of American health care: urgent care, a walk-in clinic. Although urgent care is not exactly like an emergency room, it is a clinic that handles many medical problems that are not too severe but need to be treated right away, especially if your primary care physician is not available. It is important that you realize that urgent care clinics are not a substitute for your primary care physician, but they are a great resource when you need care but can not get in with your doctor. Visiting an urgent care center is a great alternative where you will be treated faster than an emergency room while saving money. Most of us know that climate change will have a profoundly adverse impact on population health. “Current projections place health care expenditures at 20 percent of our national GDP in 2020, increasing to 25 percent by the year 2025 unless we get serious about constraining the growth of health care costs. As the U.S. approaches the mid-century years, it’s quite possible that the effects of climate change will counter any gains that we might make in reining in this growth. The encouraging part of this finding is that climate change is reversible if we invest in long-view strategies” (Patz, Epstein, Burke, Balbus, 2016).
The emergency room is meant for…

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