Health Care And Social Service Essay

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Health Care/Social Service Recourses
The Warren County Department of Human Services is composed of four divisions/offices which provide oversight and/or deliver direct services. The Division of Administration is responsible for overseeing community-based services in the areas of human and social services, mental health, substance abuse, juvenile services and paratransit services. The Office of the County Adjuster provides oversight to the commitment process for Warren County residents who are hospitalized in state psychiatric facilities. The Division of Aging and Disability Services provides a number of programs targeted to maintaining the independence and care to our seniors and to individuals with physical disabilities. The Division of Temporary Assistance and Social Services (TASS) houses many public assistance and insurance programs for our most vulnerable and needy individuals.
Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) provides financial assistance to families with minor children. The Child Support and Paternity Unit provides support for children by establishing paternity and administering court ordered genetic paternity testing, locating non-custodial parents, initiating non-support complaints, and reviewing existing support obligations for possible adjustment. Family and Community Health Services in Warren County include immunization for infant and school-aged children up to age 18. Health screenings for blood pressure, heart rate, vision and hearing,…

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