Health Care Analysis Essay

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August 5, 2013

The United States has an incredibly complicated and expensive healthcare system. Many health insurers and other organizations across the country have dramatically changed the way they do business in order to stay competitive, especially with the new climate that laws such as the Affordable Health Care Act have created. These organizations have developed new strategies and processes in order to participate in the insurance exchange program and other features of the federal healthcare law intended to make it cheaper and easier for individuals and small businesses to purchase health care (Benson, 2013). This essay discusses how a healthcare organization such as a hospital would develop
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The next step is determining where the service will be offered. It is important to understand where the service is needed. A hospital can do this by finding the most convenient place of an area, such as a place with a lot of public transportation available. The hospital should also determine where else these services are being offered in order to not saturate the market. The last step is the promotion of the service. The promotion can be in many different forms, such as television, radio, newspaper, billboards, and flyers. Although, very often, marketing is thought of as just this segment of promotion, these other steps are crucial to making sure that the promotion in targeted and effective.
Relationship between the Organization's Marketing and Its Partnerships
Berkowitz (2006) suggests there are eight major marketing segments that assist an organization to market the product or service the organization provides. Identifiable, accessibility, members are inclined to buy, ability to buy, profitable, desirability, consistency, and availability are the eight marketing segments. Specifically, a hospital that is trying to become both identifiable and accessible need partners in order to help them accomplish this. “Establishing alliances is a common strategy employed by organizations to cope with technological changes and competitive environments, to achieve firm goals, and to adapt to external pressures that might place stress on firm

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