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Alcoa Case Study

Alcoa, as a company, has a strong commitment to safety. The CEO has publicly announced that safety was his top priority, and this could be evidenced in accident rates that were well below industry standards. The Mission Valley Plant was no exception. However, there had been some recent concerning events, and there is always room for improvement in the identification, analysis, recommendation, and implementations of a safety-centric environment.


There are seven key elements in Mission Valley’s approach to safety that have evolved since Paul O’Neill became the CEO of Alcoa in June 1987. * Safety is a top priority
Immediately upon his arrival, Mr. O’Neill announced that his top priority for the
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An example of a departmental committee’s influence was the rolling department. The rolling department’s committee defined safety actions for every employee, mandated superintendent involvement in all serious injury investigations, and established a monthly safety audit of the department. * Identification of high-risk activities and task forces that addressed the activities
The HS&E task force that is assembled to tackle a high-risk activity would utilize Alcoa’s Eight-Step Process. This process was borrowed from Alcoa’s Quality Department and adapted to improve HS&E at the Mission Valley plant. * Critical Behavior Inventory (CBI)
CBI is a form of behavior-based safety in which an employee would observe another employee working and utilize a checklist of critical behaviors to determine if the employee was working “safely”.
All of these key elements have helped to lead to great improvements over the years, and the consistency of implementing certain aspects of these core values has led to a pattern of these improvements. A pattern of improvement starts at the top. CEO O’Neil, who places safety as his top priority, has helped shape the pattern of improvements that Alcoa has experienced over the years through his leadership. He made it his business to know the exact specifics of the kinds of injuries the people were incurring, and he made fundamental changes in the

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