Essay on Health Care : An Integral Part Of Nursing Care Delivery

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As it was established throughout this paper, health care informatics has become an integral part of nursing care delivery and health care in general. According to Snyder and Oliver (2014), Medicare and Medicare are now pushing providers to incorporate Meaningful Use Core criteria into their practice. This is done through documenting important health care data into Certified Electronic Health Care Records. Though it may be challenging, implementation of Electronic Health Care records may prove helpful once they are well established (Goldberg, Kuzel, Feng, DeShazo, & Love, 2012). Medicare and Medicaid have established a set of objectives for health care provider, so they can meaningfully incorporate the use of electronic health care records into their practice. Having patients’ health data readily available electronically may foster an effective, quick, and accurate health care delivery. This will improve health care quality, foster communication, promote safety, and decrease disparities by allowing providers to use meaningful data and document it electronically. Recording data electronically as in Meaningful use can be helpful to providers as well as patients (Baker, 2013). Nurses are part of the changes that are encompassing health care. Therefore, nurses need to be active participants in the incorporation of meaningful use. Documentation into Electronic Health care records should be accurate and meaningful with an acceptable ease of use (Kern et al., 2013).…

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