Health Care : An Examination Of Private And Public Sector Essay

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Health Care: An Examination of Private and Public Sectors with Relation to Political Ideologies In the essay, I will conduct and examination of the topic public versus private health care institutions, in regards to each of their political ideologies. A concern amongst citizens is whether private or public health care is more beneficial for them, while also yielding the most cost effective, regulated, and controlled standards of care for patients. Health political ideologies diverge into two conflicting sets of principles, specifically, neo-conservatism and welfare state liberalism in relation to this essay. Although, health care has many ideologies that are not related to either set of principles displayed in this essay that correspond with other doctrines held by that political group. Neo-conservatism (private) and welfare state liberalism (pubic) are the two common principles associated with health care, and often leads into complex debate. After critically examining both options, it is evident that public health care under welfare state liberalism will benefit citizens more accordingly to their needs. In regards to public and private health care, specific issues have emerged into society as to whether a person should select private health care as their primary option versus public health care. Private health care, often related to neo-conservatism has many faults such as economical factors that prevail issues, quality of care patients receives, and access to health care…

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