Essay on Health Care : A High Demand And Need Of Healthcare Policies

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In today’s technological era, there is a high demand and need of healthcare policies that can provide major improvements in the quality of care. Health care is a continuous process, in which medical information is progressively accumulated; therefore there is a need of a systematic system that can track all the various health policies as well keep up with the innovative technology used in health system. Health care sectors may further even vary within a country, consisting of a small scaled private health care set up to a large public hospital setting. Additionally, in recent years there has been drastic shift in the basic definition of health, Johnson and Stoskopf (2010) defines health as "the state of physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" (p. 3). In order to keep up with the rising medical demands globally, there is a high need to reform and develop policies that can sustain complexities faced in both the developed as well undeveloped countries such as cost containment, access to health services, and quality of care.
Based on Curtis and Riva (2010), Health policy was once defined as a provision and funding of medical care. In order to meet to meet the new health policy of individual growth including physical, mental as well as social development, many nations have collaborated to form a general health system throughout the world. One such organization that has joined forces internationally is called World Health…

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