Health Benefits Of Yoga

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Yoga is one of the most popular health practices around the globe today. It is no longer a mere form of exercise but is seen as a way of life.

The word 'yoga' comes from the Sanskrit term Yuj' which means to join or to bind. It's most simple meaning is union with the Higher Self or with nature or even with oneself.

The yoga sutras spoke about innumerable benefits of practicing yoga every day. But what exactly is this practice made of?

What are the components of Yoga?

To put it simply, yoga has three parts to it - Asanas, Pranayama and Dhyana.

Asanas are body postures that you will come across that involve bending, stretching and twisting. When you perform different intentional breathing exercises, you are doing Pranayama. And Dhyana
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But as you go deeper into this journey, the deeper aspects will slowly unfold.

Health benefits of Yoga

When you undertake yoga as a part of your journey towards well being, you receive numerous benefits. Yoga not only helps you physically but also emotionally. Your mind and body are not separate but are linked and yoga helps you bring those two parts of yourself together. As a result, not only will you find your physical health better but you will find that you are calmer and more blissful as well.

1.Better fitness levels - When you perform the body postures or Asanas, your endocrine glands are regulating their secretion. Your nervous system and internal organs are functioning at their optimum. Hence your physical strength improves and your muscles develop well.

Pranayama adds a boost to your energy levels by flooding your body with oxygen. This clear oxygen recharges your life force or your vital energy and the result is overall improved fitness.

2.Detoxification - Through correct breathing and by sweating it out during the Asanas, your body is flushing out its toxins. Better blood circulation helps your body get rid of the impurities in your
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Stress always affects the natural immunity of the body. And this is why you fall ill when you are anxious or upset.

When you perform yogic Asanas, your internal organs get massaged. Your hormones get regulated. And as your mind and emotions become more stable, your mental unrest also goes away. Hence, your immune system is also getting strengthened by yoga and you will fall ill less.

5.Stress relief - Yoga is the ultimate stress buster. When you meditate or perform deep breathing exercises, your lungs take in more oxygen. This replenishes and revitalizes your energy force or Prana.

Your nervous system, which is usually agitated when you are upset, angry or stressed, relaxes during yoga. This can happen through performing Asanas or Pranayama.

But Dhyana can be achieved through meditation. Even if you are a beginner, you will find that meditation calms the turmoil in your mind. Regular practice of yoga will also help you be less vulnerable to stress and you will find that your days are more hassle free. Inner peace is finally

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