Health Benefits Of Using Ginko Biloba Essay

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Intro Ginko biloba, also known as the Maiden hair tree, is native to Xitianmu Mt., Zhejiang in China and has fossils dating the species back the Jurassic age. This species is the last species in its genus and has been tagged as endangered since 1988 (IUCN, 1998, 1). In more recent years, the tree has gotten a significant amount attention in the world of medicine. The chemical extracts from the tree have been rumored to be very beneficial for the human body from preventing migraines (Usai S, ET All, 2011, 197) to having therapeutic properties and even helping to heal neurological damage from fluoride consumption (Jetti R, ET All, 2016, 183 and Parkinson’s disease (Rojas P, ET All, 2012, 1081) and even helping to prevent and recover hearing loss (Gai-ying He, ET All, 2014, 1). The purpose of this paper is to examine research done investigating the possible health benefits of using Ginko biloba to draw a conclusion on whether or not research on the tree has found any significant evidence supporting its medicinal value.

In Raghu Jetti, Raghuveer, and Mallikarjuna Rao’s “Protective effect of ascorbic acid and Ginkgo biloba against learning and memory deficits caused by fluoride,” Raghu et al. (2016,1) observe how ascorbic acid and Ginko biloba treat the side effects of fluorosis. Studies have shown that prolonged consumption leads to a neurodegeneration due to accumulation of fluoride in the hippocampus (Russell, 2004 as cited by Jettie R ET All., 2016, 185). This leads…

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