Why Is Giving Important?

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What is giving? Giving means to freely offer or provide a gift to someone. Whether it’s for a celebration or out of the kindness of your heart. There are many reasons out there why giving can be healthy for you. Yes, I said healthy. You might think it’s just an act of kindness but in reality there are many health benefits to giving and I’m here to tell you what kind of benefits they are. As you read keep in mind that these are just a few reasons why giving is healthy, there are plenty others to go along with them.
When people start giving, whether it’s once a few times a year or once a month, they start becoming a little healthier and can even live longer. Although it might not be physically, the mentality of it can give you a better and more
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Giving to someone else who needs it gives the receiver a feeling of trust and pleasure making them feel warmth and cared for. People who give will usually receive what is referred to as a ‘helper’s high’ when they know they were able to contribute to someone around them or even to their community as a whole. Once a person starts giving it almost becomes a cycle of happiness and as we continue to give more people will become happy and will feel the need to continue the spread of happiness. Giving can even make you happier at work believe it or not. If you can help a customer or a fellow employee with a simple task or helping them resolve an issue, then just by doing that can boost your career happiness and confidence. Don’t believe me? Think of a time when you were working and had someone ask for help, how much better did you feel knowing you were able to provide them with what they needed. Even though it wasn’t a physical gift of any sorts but it still probably made the person happy that you were able to help them in the first place and who knows maybe you were able to make a connection with them and become friends and perhaps one day they will be able to help you and give

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