Health Benefits Of A Healthy Body Essay examples

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A healthy body is important to everyone regardless of their gender, thus, in order to maintain a healthy and able body, a person needs to receive good health care. Taking into account women, they too need good health care in order to take care of their body, and there are many factors that either hinders the development of good health care for women or improve their access to high quality health care. One factor that prevents women from getting the best possible health care are the numerous determinants of health, which have various impacts on various individuals. Health Canada recognizes several determinants including income and social status, physical environment and health services (Unit 1 20). Income plays an important role when it comes to health and wellness. This is the case because a job is needed in order for an income to generate; it is well known that employees that work at sophisticated workplaces – companies, schools, etc. – have insurance and other health benefits that cover a range of medical services – dental, eye care, orthotics, etc., which encourages the female employees to use those benefits by getting regular check-ups done. Nevertheless, that is not the case with females that are self-employed or females that are housewives. Physical environment is one such factor that may discourage women from receiving health care; in third-world countries, women do not have access to medical practices due to lack of financial means or simply because there are no…

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