Essay about Health Benefits And High Life Satisfaction

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Wellness is a very important concept, which every individual must realize. It is a pattern of adapting behaviors that can lead to improved health benefits and high life satisfaction. Within wellness, an individual’s eating, sleeping, and physical activity levels are important in overall health. Personally, I will discuss various factors that affect my eating, sleeping, and physical activity levels, along with ways I can improve upon them.
When analyzing my sleeping patterns, I found some surprising findings. The biggest thing that surprised me was the number of times I woke up in the middle of the night. I always believed I rarely ever wake up in the middle of the night, until I logged my sleeping behavior. The optimum number of hour I believe I need every night in order to wake up fully refreshed is eight. This means I need over 56 hours per week to not incur a sleep debt. After totally up my daily sleep totals, I acquired approximately 57.25 hours of sleep throughout the entire week. This means I did not form a sleep debt. Even though I did not form a sleep debt, I woke up exhausted on some mornings. In response to the first critical thinking question, I received approximately 8.35 hours of sleep per night on the five weekday nights. I also received about 7.75 hours of sleep on the weekend nights. The first individual factor that greatly affected my sleep was stress. On Monday night, when I was planning out my future week, I became very stressed out. As you can see by…

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