Essay about Health Behaviors Among Young Adults

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The perception of health is important in determining health behaviors and health outcomes among individuals. “Self-perceived health is one of the leading health indicators reflecting a person’s actual health” (Nielsen et al., 2010). In other words, how people view their health is an important indicator of their health behaviors. While many factors contribute to a person perceived health, health behaviors also determine that perception of own health. Many researchers agree that health behaviors are strongly dependent on environmental factors. Socio-economic status, race, gender, age, and the environment impact the perceived judgments on life satisfaction.
The Social Cognitive Theory of Bandura proposes that both personal and social factors interact to influence heath behaviors (Bandura, 2011). Understanding the health behaviors among young adults is necessary regarding the future of quality of life for young adults. A longitudinal study conducted by Kelder and colleagues provided evidence that health behavior and dietary habits are acquired in childhood and continue into adulthood (Kelder et al., 1994). The earlier young adults intervene in healthy health behaviors, the more likely those practices will transmit into adulthood. Parents are socialization agents (Maccoby,1992), and tend to influence the lifestyle of their offspring, which includes both physical and dietary attitudes (Salvy et al., 2011).
There has been a range of explanations presented to understand why…

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